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    Audit Pros PROCESSING, Inc. 

Audit Pros Processing, Inc. is here to help homeowners in all 50 states understand their mortgage. It's a known fact that we lack mortgage education. The largest investment we will ever make and yet, where was the education on purchasing a home and/or refinancing? It just didn't happen. You can say the same for credit reporting and scoring. We just don't know how it all works.

The owners of Audit Pros Processing, Inc. have an extensive background in the mortgage, real estate and securities industries. We have discovered that many homeowners simply don't understand their mortgage and how they work.

You have many types of mortgage products that were popular from 2001 through 2007. The names of some of these products include: Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), Ballon, Hybrid ARM, Option ARM, Pick-A-Pay, No Doc, Lite Doc, Stated Income Stated Asset, No Income No Asset, just to name a few.

Then you had mortgage terminology such as DTI, LTV, C-LTV, NINA, SISA, VOR, VOE, VOD, COSI, CODI, MTA and the list goes on. To most people this was a foreign language.

If you have an ARM, there are a few key factors that determine how your interest rate will adjust. These factors include your starting rate, index, margin and cap. Do you understand how each of these work together? Most people have no clue, but yet, this is so important in determining whether you will be able to afford you home or not. Were these key factors ever explained to you?

As you can see, at Audit Pros, Inc., we feel it is imperative that you not only get educated about mortgages, you need to see what your mortgage is all about. The audit process can determine errors, fraud and specific violations. We will audit everything from the loan application all the way through closing. Our securitization audit will research what happened to your note after closing. It may have been fractioned, duplicated, paid off by insurance, lost, not recorded or improperly assigned.

Many of our friends and family members are losing their home due to possible wrongful foreclosure as well as being put into a bad loan. Sub-prime and ALT-A lenders took advantage of millions of people. You could be next.

A foreclosure hurts more than the person losing their home. Everyone loses. When there's a foreclosure in your neighborhood, the value of all the homes drop. This in turn affects the economy. We will not see an economic turn-a-round until this real estate and mortgage crisis is settled.

We ask you to help us spread the word. We cannot do it alone. Inform your friends, family and co-workers about this site.

We thank you in advance for your time.

Warmest regards,
The Staff of Audit Pros Processing, Inc.