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The News Archives...

Aug 7 - Wells Fargo to pay U.S. $108 billion over veterarns' loans.

Aug 2 - Secured Claims: MERS strikes again, or maybe not.

July 27 - Big change in credit reports.

Nov 19 - Why no bankers go to jail.

Nov 13 - Judge criticizes lack of prosecution against Wall Street executives for fraud.

Nov 7 - New York Fed Chief levels explosive charge against big banks.

Oct 21 - JPMorgan said to reach record $13 billion U.S.settlement.

Oct 4 - REMIC tax enforcement as Financial-Market regulator, Reiss and Borden.

Sept 23 - Was this whistle-blower muzzled?

Sept 19 - HSBC whistleblower speaks, uncovered terrorist financing.

Sept 11 - REMIC | Internal Revenue §§860D-860f(a)-860G(d) - One cannot step in the river twice.
Sept 3 - SEC whistleblower and the fake insider trading crackdown.

Aug 28 - Bank of America must face mortgage fraud trial.

Aug 16 - Magistrate Bailey denies motion to amend complaint - NO standing, violation of PSA.

Aug 15 - Bank of America banker sued by regulator late joined Fannie Mae.

Aug 8 - JPMorgan faces criminal and civil probes over mortgages.

Aug 7 - SEC charges Bank of America with fraud in Residential Mortgage Backed Securities offering.

July 29 - Boca Raton, FL homeowner wins multi-million dollar suit after legal misstep.

July 29 - Colorado attorney turned whistle-blower alleges foreclosure abuse.

July 25 - Bank repossess wrong house, sell of homeowner's stuff.

July 23 - Jury finds against JPMorgan Chase in Washington County foreclosure trial.

July 12 - Bank of America accuse of racketeering in lawsuit.

July 1 - New Bank of America whistle blower emerges.

June 26 - Investigation shows that politicians profit off foreclosure sales.

June 25 - Florida 5-year Statute of Limitation results in big victory for condo association.

June 19 - Bank of America whistle blower details (Affidavits).

June 7 - Governor Scott of FL signs Bill HB 87    More on this signing.

June 4 - Senators near plan to abolish Fannie Mae, shrink U.S. backstop

May 24 - Banks' lobbyists help in drafting financial Bills.

May 10 - California Attorney General announce suit agains JPMorgan Chase.

May 8 - Legislation is being introduced to protect military families from foreclosure.

May 8 - Veterans fighting against foreclosure.

April 29 - Another conflict of interest with the foreclosure review.

April 24 - Foreclosures drop in California due to new Bill of Rights..

March 27 - Fifteen banks claim judge is prejudice against them.

March 20 - The Price of Evil at JPMorgan Chase.
March 6 - AG Eric Holder: Bing banks' clout "Has an inhibiting impact" on prosecutions.

February 15 - LPS settles foreclosure fraud criminal probe with DOJ for $35 million.

February 4 - Dirty lawyers, dirty REMIC's - Brooklyn School of Law

January 22 - Bank of America Foreclosure Reviews. Whistleblowers reveal extensive harm. Part 1 / Part 2
January 18 - Big banks get tax break on foreclosure abuse deal.

Thanks to Foreclosure Hamlet we are able to bring to you a few e-mails from the Attorney Generals office in Florida. A couple of the e-mails will be easier to ready of you print them out.

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