Audit Pros PROCESSING, Inc. 

Our main area of focus is providing the best audit possible, all of which include the name and the credentials of the person doing your audit. It is key that a person who is experience and qualified complete your audit. Many companies strictly use software or inexperienced staff. That won't get you too far. You need evidence that will stand up in court if necessary.

In addition to audits, we provide a number of services that include: free consultations and education, expert witnesses, affidavits, training for attorneys, consulting for attorneys, mortgage/debt relief and processing services.

Please contact the case manager that sent you hear for more information.

PROSPIO: Mortgage and Debt Reduction Program

How would you like to cut the term of your mortgage in half? Many homeowners are reducing the term of a 30 year mortgage down to 15 years and less. This is not a bi-weekly program. CLICK HERE to receive a free mortgage/debt analysis. 

  • Credit score is not needed for this program
  • Reduce your mortgage by possibly 15 years or more
  • Payoff of your credit card debt much sooner
  • Payoff your car loans faster
  • Payoff your student loans in less time
  • This comes with a money back guarantee
  • CLICK HERE for a free mortgage and debt reduction calculator.
  • And so much more.

Standard Mortgage Fraud Audit
This audit is specifically designed for information purposes only and is not designed to be used in court. This audit analyzes in detail what took place after the closing on your loan. In addition, we also address some areas of what took place during the loan process. It's not just about standing and who has the note, this audit is about the possibility of fraud. This audit includes the following:
  • A 60 plus page audit report
  • Processing of paperwork
  • Trustee / Substitute Trustee research
  • Cross-collateralization 
  • Timeline search
  • Country record search
  • Background check of all parties involved
  • Case study search
  • Deposition search
  • Securitization
  • Pooling and Servicing Agreement
  • Prospectus
  • Supportive documentation
  • Mail Points Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Upgrade credit to Expanded Fraud Audit with Affidavit

Expanded Mortgage Fraud Audit with Affidavit - BEST SELLER 

The Expanded Fraud Audit with Affidavit is specifically designed to be used for someone that needs an audit that can be used to answer a legal complaint or as evidence in court. This is our best audit.  This audit includes everything mentioned in the Standard Fraud Audit plus:
  • Additional Securitization Research
  • Public Loan Data
  • Pool Loan Date
  • Material Issues of Fact
  • Procedural Defects
  • Further research into country records
  • Corporate entity research on all business involved
  • Expanded research involving individuals involved
  • One-hour of free consulting after the audit is completed
  • Affidavit by auditor
  • Qualified Expert Witnesses available upon request

Mortgage Origination Audit
First of all you need to know that a Mortgage Origination Audit by itself is not going to do much. Any violation found in these audits may give the lender a slap on the wrist. Most judges don't give much credit to these audits. One of the problems is that most people that do audits are not very qualified and rely highly on a software program. They're not worth the price of the paper they're written on. Our forensic audit is good for informational purposes. We recommend one of our securitization audits if you are thinking about taking on your lender. All our auditors are highly experienced with many years in the mortgage and securities industry. We have sample securitization audits and affidavits below.

An Mortgage Audit Audit is a comprehensive investigation of the documentation in homeowners existing loan(s). We utilize special state and federal mortgage loan post compliance software to calculate and identify violations. We then take these results and compile them into a detailed report for your client to easily read. In addition to software, our highly skilled auditors manually audit your mortgage paperwork for fraud and errors, including forgery, cut and paste, misrepresentation, junk fees, predatory lending, high cost loans, steering and so much more.

REMIC Trust Placement
  • If your note is in a trust, we will find it.
  • ​AHSN Trust placement and analysis report
  • ​Trust asset schedule list
  • Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA if available)
  • Form 424b5 - Prospectus
  • ​Affidavit is available
  • ​Expert witness is available 

Processing and Marketing Services
We provide processing and marketing services for your business. See below for our list of services
  • Process applications
  • Handle income receivables
  • Process payments and commissions
  • Design and create PowerPoint presentation
  • Provide marketing services
  • Call center services
  • ​And much more